This is the required information needed to complete your Patio Cover Order.  Please answer the questions below and have ready to submit with your telephone order.


  1.  What is the projection length of the cover from the attaching point on the house?


  2.  What is the width of the cover?


  3.  Projection length  X  width = Square footage of Cover?


  4.  What is the wall height of the cover at the attaching point on house?


  5.  Where is the cover attaching to?  Wall or Eave (overhang)?


  6.  Are the posts mounting to concrete slab, wood deck or going into ground?


  7.  Ceiling Panel Color - White or Ivory?


  8.  Fascia / Gutter Color - White, Ivory or Clay?


  9.  Post color will be the same as Fascia / Gutter Color.


10.  Do you want a beam to hang a fan on at an additional charge?


11.  Will cover be in a corner?


12.  Is fireplace in the way of mounting the cover?  If so, we will need measurements of fireplace to determine necessary extra attaching beam.